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Real Food for Kids - Montgomery  


Local Organizations

Brickyard Educational Farm
CHEER (Community Health and Empowerment through Education and Research)
Chesapeake Institute for Local Sustainable Food and Agriculture
The Crossroads Community Food Network

Healthy Howard
Montgomery County Food Council
Montgomery Victory Gardens
Real Food for Kids (Fairfax, VA)
Real Food for Kids-Loudon County

National Organizations

Action for Healthy Kids
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Bridging the Gap (State Level Research on School Food Policies)
Center for Science in the Public Interest

Coalition Against Drug Abuse: Effects of Drug and Alcohol Use on Weight Change
Feingold Association of the United States
Healthy Eating Research
Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities
Healthy Schools Campaign

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Let's Move
The NANA Coalition
National Geographic Food Information Hub
Partnership for a Health America

Pew Kids' Safe and Healthful Food Project

Smarter Lunchrooms Movement


Food Politics
The Lunch Tray


School Bites

School Meals that Rock


Healthy School Celebrations
Rainbow of Risks (food dye information)
Discover MyPlate (educational materials for kids)


"Children's brains should be nourished to enable learning, not sabotaged by sugar and chemicals to encourage hyperactivity. The kids who need healthy school lunches the most are the ones relying on these meals as a major part of their diet, and they may not be able to make up for the lack of nutrients at home. If we're in the business of educating children, we should educate with the whole child in mind, not just educate to pass a test".
- an RFKM Supporter


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