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See also: Harmful Food Additives and The Crisis of Obesity and Diabetes

Nutrient and Ingredient Profiles of the Food in MCPS

A la carte foods (foods sold separately in the cafeteria lines)


Chocolate Milk - fat free and 1% White


White Wheat Steak Rolls
Whole Grain Rolls
White Wheat Sandwich Bread
Whole Grain Croutons (offered with salads)


Bagels - Honey Wheat
Cereal - Rice Krispies and Cornflakes
Eggo Pancake Minis

French Toast Slices

French Toast Sticks

Grilled Egg Patties

Kashi Heart to Heart Toasted Honey Cereal

Kellogg's Eggo Maple Mini Pancakes

Kellogg's Eggo WG Mini Maple Waffle
Kellogg's Granola

Kellogg's Low Fat Granola

Oatmeal - Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar

Pillsbury Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bagels
Whole Grain Cinnamon Roll
Whole Grain Cinnamon Superstix
Whole Grain French Toast Sticks
Whole Grain Pancakes
Yogurt - Raspberry Rainbow (lowfat) - Yoplait

Yogurt - Strawberry (nonfat)

Yogurt - Strawberry Banana Bash (lowfat) - Yoplait

Yogurt - Trix Triple Cherry (lowfat)

Yogurt - Vanilla (lowfat)

Yogurt - Vanilla (nonfat)


Tostitos Baked Scoops


Push-Up - 3 oz. Cotton Candy
Push-Up - 3 oz. Fudge

Frozen Juice Sorbet - Blue Raspberry

Frozen Juice Sorbet - Grape

Frozen Juice Sorbet - Lime

Rice Krispie Treats and Special K Bars

Rich's Ice Creams


Canned Fruit Mix
Diced Pears

Pineapple Tidbits

Sliced Peaches



100% Ground Beef - Cooked
Beef Patty - Flamebroiled low sodium
Meatloaf with Cheese
Whole Grain Hamburger


Chicken Drummie
Golden Crispy Whole Grain Chicken Patty

Golden Whole Grain Chicken Chunks

Ling's Mandarin Orange Chicken

Black Forest Chicken Ham - Sliced

Chicken Pepperoni
Pineapple Chicken
Spicy Whole Grain Chicken Patty Sandwiches
Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Patty
Whole Grain Hot n' Spicy Boneless Wings

Whole Grain Hot n' Spicy Breaded Chicken Patty


Cheese Pizza - Whole Grain
Pizza Cheese Cruncher

Deep Dish Cheese Pizza - Red Baron

Whole Grain Pizza with Wheat Crust
Whole Wheat French Bread Cheese Pizza


Pork Sausage Links 
Pork Sausage Patty
Sliced Bacon Smoke Flavoring


Baked Fries
Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes with Low Sodium
French Fries - Straight Cut w/Peel

Oven Roasted Potatoes
Seasoned Potatoes
Tater Gems


Potato Crunch Pollock Filets
Shrimp Poppers Whole Grain


Pulled Turkey Thigh Carnitas
Sliced Turkey Breast
Turkey Franks with Whole Grain Hotdog Bun


Fiesta Cheese Enchilada with Enchilada Sauce
Grilled Cheese - Whole Grain

Morningstar Farms Chik'n Nuggets


Smuckers Uncrustables

Vegetarian 3-Bean Chili
Whole Grain Spaghetti with Marinara (or vitamin-enriched Marinara)
Whole Grain 3 Cheese Calzone


 MCPS School Breakfasts

School Breakfast

MCPS School Lunches

School Lunch BCC

Slushie Machines

School Lunch

School Lunch 

“So this is the type of lunches they usually serve at my school. Mac and cheese, some bar be que chicken, and fries, you’re also supposed to take some milk as well. I feel as if school lunches should be much healthier than this. There should be a variety of fruits and veggies to choose from and healthier foods. Water should be a plus and especially for kids who are on free and reduced meals, they do not have the option of getting water because water costs one dollar and sometimes people don’t even have as much as a dollar to spare. Water is vital, just as vital as the daily intake of calcium.”
– Auset Baptiste, student, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

MCPS A la Carte Options

A la carte options, Silver Spring International Middle School, October, 2013

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