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Got Water? Most Kids, Teens Don't Drink Enough

Children's Health Isn't a Partisan Issue

It Is Time to Bust the Myth of Physical Inactivity and Obesity: You Cannot Outrun a Bad Diet

Vilsack, Duncan, Burwell: Keep School Lunches Healthy

Hershey Sours on Children's Health

Parents Are Still Being Duped Into Giving Their Kids High Sugar Drinks

Class Is in Session: “Lessons From the Lunchroom”

Big Food Dominates the School Nutrition Association's Latest Conference

Think Food Doesn’t Affect Behavior? You’ve Got to Read This.

U.S. School Meal Rules Might Work Against Good Nutrition, Study Says

Parents Support Healthier School Food Policies by 3-to-1 Margin

Children Are Eating More Fruits, but Not Vegetables

What French Kids Eat For School Lunch (It Puts Americans To Shame!)

Yes, Cheetos, Funnel Cake, and Domino's Are Approved School Lunch Items

Student Reactions During the First Year of Updated School Lunch Nutrition Standards

Did I Miss the Summer Camp Junk Food Consent Form?

Are Organic Vegetables More Nutritious After All?

In Pitching Veggies to Kids, Less is More

8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries

A turning tide on antibiotic-raised meat

Kids hate school lunches? Let them eat cake.

Too little sleep may make children obese, a new study finds

Bad Food in School Cafeterias

Michelle Obama’s school lunch agenda faces backlash from some school nutrition officials

The Campaign for Junk Food: Michelle Obama on Attempts to Roll Back Healthy Reforms

USDA Announces School Meal Flexibility for Upcoming School Year

A new company is trying to make school meals healthier

First lady vows to ‘fight’ healthy school-lunch rollback

Montgomery schools ending the era of the foam lunch tray

Why I’m Questioning a New Study on Chocolate Milk Bans in Schools

10 Best School Lunches in America

CPS reveals that the only ingredients in its chicken nuggets are...chicken nuggets!

Chef Bill Telepan Transforms School Lunches: An Interview with Chef Telepan

Soccer Mom on a Mission

Food Hero: Ann Cooper — Nourishing Schoolchildren’s Bodies, Minds and Futures

Minneapolis Leader Turns School Cafeterias Into 'Real Kitchens'

The Fat Drug

How Much Sugar?

Obama Administration Proposes Improvements to School Nutrition and Physical Activity

Study: Saturated Fat Not Associated with Risk of Coronary Artery Disease, Coconut Oil and Dairy Fat Healthy

Get Soda off Restaurant Children's Menus

Delicious and Healthy School Meals Around the U.S.

Effects of Fructose vs Glucose on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Brain Regions Involved With Appetite and Reward Pathways

Changing your school's lunch program

Food Hero: Ann Cooper — Nourishing Schoolchildren’s Bodies, Minds and Futures

Packaged breakfasts: What to consider

Adult Obesity Remains High But Stabilizes

Should Schools Be Responsible for Childhood Obesity Prevention?

Looks like the U.S. is winning its war on childhood obesity

NYC Doctors Are Now Prescribing Fruits And Veggies

Montgomery County nurtures school gardens

Kids today drink twice as many calories from sugary drinks as they did 30 years ago

The Next Chapter of School Food In Chicago

The Dark Side of Marketing Healthy Food to Children

Smart Snacks in School (Summary of Interim Final Rule on Competitive Foods in Schools)

Studies Support Population-Based Efforts to Lower Excessive Dietary Sodium Intakes, But Raise Questions About Potential Harm From Too Little Salt Intake

Sugar Bites

El Azúcar Muerde

Ingredient Guide for Better School Food Purchasing


"Healthy foods, drinks and snacks will improve student performance. Junk in, junk out. You are what you eat. My 4th grade science teacher told us that, and I've always believed it." 
- an RFKM Supporter

"Huge amounts of food from the school "cafeterias" are pitched every day by students. The food initially is appealing but after tasting it, few students eat much of it. From Kindergarten on I urged my three grandchildren (and their parents) to pack lunches. My grandkids agree - their packed lunch is better.".
- an MCPS grandparent


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