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Real Food for Kids - Montgomery  


RFKM has many connections and informal partnerships with other organizations working for similar goals in the area. These include: 

Brickyard Educational Farm
Eat Well, Be Active Partnership
The Crossroads Community Food Network
Montgomery County Food Council
Real Food for Kids

We also have connections to national organizations working on similar issues, including: 

Action for Healthy Kids
Center for Science in the Public Interest

RFKM has also built coalition for work in the state of Maryland called Healthy School Food Maryland, and are formally allied with about 20 organizations and businesses through that coalition. We are also members of 3 other coalitions:

Fair Farms Maryland
The NANA Coalition
Start School Later

We’re always open to meeting with other organizations and discussing areas of common interest where we can help one another. Please contact us at
realfoodmcps@gmail.com to set up a meeting. 

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