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Real Food for Kids - Montgomery  


We need student leaders! 

Please sign our petition for healthier, fresher, real food in MCPS!

Do you wish that you had more nutritious or appetizing options for lunch at school? Would you like to see junk food and vending machines advertising it out of your school? Would you like to learn how to eat in a healthier manner or to meet weight loss goals or help other students meet theirs? Would you like to learn how to cook healthy food? 

Start a chapter of RFKM at your school! Ask your school counselor or home room teacher how to go about starting a student club and contact us for more help at realfoodMCPS@gmail.com. You can also contact your RFKM school representative for help, if there is one at your school. 

You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and encourage your friends to do so. The more student voices that join us, the great our ability to create positive changes in your school.

Thanks for your interest in RFKM!


"Some things there are are REALLY, REALLY gross, like the greasy deep-dish pizza that tastes like feet, and has no nutritional value. School lunch can be incredibly disgusting, and I for one would like better and healthier school lunches."
- a student at Eastern Middle School

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