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List of School Representatives

RFKM is committed to finding one or more parents at each school who will represent our organization and lead the efforts to improve the food environment at their child's school. You can find your school's representative below and contact them to get involved. If no one is listed or your child's school isn't on the list and you're interested in the job, please e-mail us (see job description below). 

School RFKM Representative E-mail (remove space after @ when using e-mail)

First Last  
A Mario Loiederman MS      
Albert Einstein HS      
Arcola ES      
Argyle MS Nancy Delasos nancydelasos@ yahoo.com
Ashburton ES      
Bannockburn ES Kristina Wills bburnfood@ gmail.com
Beall ES Andrew Kass ak14ak@ aol.com
Bells Mill ES      
Bells Mill HS      
Bel Pre ES      
Belmont ES      
Benjamin Banneker MS
Bethesda ES      
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS Lorena Alvarez benlorena@ yahoo.com
Donna Sawyer donnalcsawyer@ gmail.com
Beverly Farms ES      
Bradley Hills ES Lisa Mandell lmandell22@ gmail.com
Briggs Chaney MS      
Brooke Grove ES      
Brookhaven ES      
Brown Station ES      
Burning Tree ES Rachel Weisz rachelweisz@ gmail.com
Burnt Mills ES Laura McKeever lb.mckeever@ gmail.com
Burtonsville ES      
Cabin John MS      
Candlewood ES Trinity Perry trinitylperry@ gmail.com
Cannon Road ES Rachel Smith rachel.marion.smith@ gmail.com
Captain James E Daly ES      
Carderock Springs ES      
Cashell ES      
Cedar Grove ES

Chevy Chase ES Michelle Della Santa michelle@ dellasanta.org
Clarksburg ES      
Clarksburg HS      
Clearspring ES      
Clear Spring HS      
Clopper Mill ES      
Cloverly ES Joyce Meyerdirk-McKenzie joyce@ urbanbrokers.com
Jane Bornhorst jane.byrne@ gmail.com
Cold Spring ES      
Col E Brooke Lee MS      
College Gardens ES Kirsten Kaplan kxanthony@ yahoo.com
Col Zadok Magruder HS      
Cresthaven ES      
Damascus ES      
Damascus HS Teresa Byrnes teresabyrnes8@ yahoo.com
Darnestown ES      
Diamond ES Maya Rajan mayarajan09@ icloud.com
Dr Charles R Drew ES      
Dr Sally K Ride ES       
Dufief ES      
Earle B. Wood MS      
East Silver Spring ES Karen Kali karenskali@ gmail.com
Maggie Carey  
Eastern MS Cait James caitlin.a.james@ gmail.com
Jill Grospierre jillgrospierre@ gmail.com
Fairland ES Amber Powell powellamber@ hotmail.com
Fallsmead ES      
Farmland ES      
Fields Road ES Kim Navarro navarrokim007@ gmail.com
Flora Singer ES Megan Montgomery mmontgomery@ mwmconsultants.com
Flower Hill ES      
Flower Valley ES Joy Hawk  
Forest Knolls ES      
Forest Oak MS Lilian de Jonge edejonge@ gmu.edu
Fox Chapel ES      
Francis Scott Key MS      
Gaithersburg ES      
Gaithersburg HS      
Gaithersburg MS      
Galway ES

Garrett Park ES Helen Heymann stiefelheymann_h@ yahoo.com
Leila Holtsman realfoodforrosie@ yahoo.com
Georgian Forest ES      
Germantown ES      
Glenallan ES      
Glen Haven ES Sarah Williams sarahvailwilliams@ gmail.com
Goshen ES Veronica Greenwell veronica.greenwell@ gmail.com
Great Seneca Creek ES Daniele Richmond richmondkids237@ gmail.com
Greencastle ES      
Greenwood ES      
Hallie Wells MS      
Herbert Hoover MS      
Highland ES      
Highland View ES      
Jackson Road ES      
James Hubert Blake HS      
Joanne Leleck ES at Broad Acres Chante Leverette leverettechante@ gmail.com
John F Kennedy HS      
John Poole MS      
John T. Baker MS Liz Elliott liz.elliott@ verizon.net
Jones Lane ES      
Judith A. Resnick ES      
Julius West MS      
Kemp Mill ES      
Kensington Parkwood ES      
Kingsview MS      
Lake Seneca ES      
Lakelands Park MS      
Lakewood ES      
Laytonsville ES      
Little Bennett ES      
Lois P Rockwell ES      
Lucy V Barnsley ES Kathleen Herrold kathleen.herrold@ gmail.com
Luxmanor ES      
Martin Luther King MS Suzanne Hsu jhsu33@ verizon.net
Maryvale ES      
Meadow Hall ES Sapna Kirkpatrick sapnashankar315@ yahoo.com
Gioconda Padovan giocondapadovan@ yahoo.com
Mill Creek Towne ES      
Monocacy ES      
Montgomery Blair HS      
Montgomery Knolls ES      
Montgomery Knolls HS      
Montgomery Village MS      
Neelsville MS      
New Hampshire Estates ES Cecilia Peterson cecilia.mosca.peterson@ gmail.com
Newport Mill MS Dena Fisher dena_greg@ yahoo.com
North Bethesda MS

North Chevy Chase ES Evelyn Harleston evelyn626@ hotmail.com
Northwest HS      
Northwood HS      
Oak View ES Cecilia Peterson cecilia.mosca.peterson@ gmail.com
Oakland Terrace ES      
Olney ES      
Paint Branch HS Megan Donohue hopewood03@ gmail.com
Parkland MS      
Pine Crest ES      
Piney Branch ES Sarah Fairchild-Sorvalis fairsarah@ yahoo.com
Megan Donohue  
Poolesville ES      
Poolesville HS      
Potomac ES      
Quince Orchard HS      
Rachel Carson ES Harsha Estoll harshaestoll@ gmail.com
Redland MS      
Richard Montgomery HS      
Ridgeview MS      
Ritchie Park ES      
Robert Frost MS      
Roberto W Clemente MS      
Rock Creek Forest ES Beatrice Spadacini beatrice097@ gmail.com
Rock Creek Valley ES      
Rock View ES Dena Fisher dena_greg@ yahoo.com
Heidi Mordhorst greentreefour@ gmail.com
Rockville HS      
Rocky Hill MS      
Rolling Terrace ES  Jen Reilly jkrnutrition@ gmail.com
Ronald McNair ES      
Rosa M Parks MS Suzanne VanDusen suzannevandusen@ yahoo.com
Roscoe R Nix ES      
Rosemary Hills ES Evelyn Harleston evelyn626@ hotmail.com
Wendy Hoffner wendyhoffner@ gmail.com
Rosemont ES Lilian de Jonge  edejonge@ gmu.edu
S Christa Mcauliffe ES      
Sargent Shriver ES      
Sequoyah ES      
Seven Locks ES      
Shady Grove MS

Sherwood ES      
Sherwood HS Aura Triana  
Silver Creek MS      
Silver Spring International MS Tracy Ducker jambotracy@ yahoo.com
Katie Stauss katiestauss@ gmail.com
Sligo Creek ES Lindsey Parsons lindsey@ realfoodforkidsmontgomery.org
Rich Iovanna rich@ iovanna.net
Sligo MS Amy Dixon amyshirilladixon@ gmail.com
Somerset ES Kerri Davis daviskerri2001@ yahoo.com
South Lake ES      
Spark M Matsunaga ES Michelle Bailen
Springbrook HS      
Stedwick ES      
Stephen Knolls School      
Stonegate ES      
Stone Mill ES      
Strawberry Knoll ES      
Summit Hall ES      
Takoma Park ES Marissa Walker marissagrimeswalker@ gmail.com
Takoma Park MS      
Thomas S Wootton HS      
Thomas W Pyle MS Charlotte Grant-Blom charlgrant@ yahoo.com
Lisa Mandell lmandell22@ gmail.com
Thurgood Marshall ES      
Tilden MS      
Travilah ES      
Twinbrook ES      
Viers Mill ES Amanda Anderko  
Heather Sisan  
Viers Mill HS      
Walt Whitman HS      
Walter Johnson HS

Washington Grove ES      
Waters Landing ES Bethany Rim anyann@ gmail.com
Watkins Mill ES        
Watkins Mill HS Emile Wendeu Foyet wendeufoyet@ gmail.com
Wayside ES      
Weller Road ES      
Westbrook ES Risa Elias  
Westland MS Monica Medrek healthyfoodista@ gmail.com 
Westover ES      
Wheaton HS      
Wheaton Woods ES      
Whetstone ES      
White Oak MS Alyscia Cunningham alysciac@ aol.com
William B Gibbs Jr ES      
William H Farquhar MS      
William T Page ES      
Wilson Wims ES Zavera Brandon zranji@ hotmail.com
Winston Churchill HS Sonja Bauer Sonja2264@ gmail.com
Wood Acres ES Rend Al-Mondhiry rend.almondhiry@ gmail.com
Woodfield ES      
Woodlin ES      
Wyngate ES Kyoko Kelly kyokokelly@ gmail.com

School Representative Job Description 

The job description for each school rep will depend on their time and comfort with each task, but basically, the first goal for the RFKM school rep is to create a wellness committee via the PTA or directly via the school of people interested in the healthy food issue and related issues and then to take action through that group. The time commitment is up to each individual based on their availability and other commitments. 

Some of the things that other reps have done or will do are: 
-send messages to their school listserv
-present to their PTA about RFKM and changes they'd like to see on the local level (we have a Power Point for reps' use)
-ask PTA to sign RFKM Healthy Kids PTA Pledge
-do a school food survey
-meet with their Principal and Cafeteria Manager to advocate for changes
See Best Practices for more details.

We have a web site with resources for school reps, including a school checklist of issues that can be addressed on the local school level either because that's where the power lies or because the central office refuses to do anything about these issues. We don't think of this as a short-term task but more like a marathon, where each rep works on issues as they have time. The first step is to start to send out messages and find like-minded parents at each school to meet with, then decide on your priorities and plan of attack. We also regularly send our reps the names and e-mails of the other RFKM parents at their school.

If you re interested in the job at your child s school, please e-mail us members@realfoodforkidsmontgomery.org and include the name of your child's school. 

We also need people who will forward our e-mail messages on to their school listservs even if they cannot commit to the job of school rep. If you re willing to do that, but not be a full rep, we would also like to hear from you. That way, it will help recruit other members from whom we can find a rep.


PTA wellness committee sent out a parent survey on school lunch and a la carte items. Then we met with Marla Caplon and our principal and, based on the survey results, asked that certain a la carte items be removed (e.g., fruit snacks, chips) and replaced with healthier options (e.g., baked cracker snacks, apple sauce). We also asked that we sell ice cream only once a week as opposed to twice a week and that it only be ice cream cups. And we requested that breakfast items not be sold as a la carte items at lunch time. Our school and food services agreed to make these changes. Our parents also supported the addition of a salad bar, which our principal requested and had installed last week. The salad bar is available to our fourth and fifth graders. Last week, I saw many kids enjoying salad at lunch. It was amazing! Our wellness committee is also working on a number of ideas including a program that will encourage kids to eat the rainbow, a fun run, a cookbook with kid-submitted recipes, and fact/tip sheets on healthy party snack ideas, lunchbox ideas, etc." 
- Lisa Mandell, RFKM Rep, Bradley Hill ES

"Starting this school year the lunch room staff uses the PTA water cooler, filling it up with iced water everyday. (It's one of those big orange spouted jugs.) It is rolled into the cafeteria on a cart and kids can get a cup of water. The PTA wellness committee made laminated signs for each classroom to remind kids to bring water bottles to lunch and I have put repeated notices to parents in the PTA newsletter to send bottles to school with their kids to reduce the use of paper cups. At least the kids don't have to raise their hands to have permission to walk down the hall and use the fountain anymore. 
One problem we ran into at the beginning was that kids think it's really fun to operate the water cooler and they wanted to go get water even if they didn't really want it. Now the staff pre-fills the cups and the kids just come and get one off the table. Taking away the fun in it has really helped...now only kids that really want water go get water."
-Allyson Piazza, RFKM Rep & PTA President, Takoma Park ES (2013-2014)

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